How to Remove Adhesive Labels from Wood Surfaces


We've all suffered one of life's smallest yet most maddening irritations - removing adhesive labels from wood. After ruining a manicure's worth of nails, when you're sure this one will never come off, we're here to promise that with the right tool, label removal is a snap.


Step 1: Gather your supplies

Before you begin, round up a heat gun or hairdryer, a scraper or putty knife, a clean lint-free cloth, and gloves for hand protection.


Step 2: Heat the adhesive

Turn your heat gun or hair dryer to the lowest heat setting. Aim it a few inches from the label and move it back and forth, evenly melting the adhesive underneath. Make sure to keep the heat moving and avoid holding it too close, accidentally discoloring your wood.


Step 3: Lift away the label

After heating for 30-60 seconds, gently test the label using a scraper or putty knife. If it's stubborn, reheat and repeat until it lifts off. Let the heat do the work and avoid damaging the wood by scraping too vigorously.


Step 4: Remove any residue

After removing the label, if any adhesive remains, repeat the heating and scraping process, using the clean, dry, lint-free cloth to help remove the rest of the melted glue. Follow with a light sanding if needed.


In summary, using heat to remove adhesive labels from wood surfaces is a simple and effective method your can use right at home. With a heat gun or hair dryer, your wood surfaces will be project-ready in no time. 



If you don't have a scraper or a putty knife, a credit card works well in its place.