1/2" x 12" Birch Plywood Half Circle

Nominal dimensions reference the size of the wood before it was cut and sanded. Actual dimensions are the size the product is when it arrives in the store or at your door, and it’s the size you can count on to work with.

Actual: 0.47" x 5.87" x 11.87"
Nominal: 1/2" x 6" x 12"

Size: 12"

Precut plywood shapes are a great jumping-in place for your next project. With natural, ready-to-customize birch on both the front and back faces, these half circles are perfect for home decor and craft projects. Loved by makers, we take the hard part out of personalized decor.

  • One, 1/2"-thick, 12"-diameter, plywood half-round
  • Actual dimensions: 0.47" x 5.87" x 11.87"
  • Tolerance: +/- 1/8"
  • Weight: Approx. 0.8 lbs
  • Grade + Species: B2 (or equivalent) with a veneer core; White or Yellow Birch
  • CARB Phase 2 and EPA TSCA Title VI compliant
  • California residents, see Prop 65 Warning Fact Sheets for formaldehyde and wood dust
  • What is plywood?
    Plywood is made by gluing multiple thin layers of wood together in a very tight stack, creating a strong, attractive real-wood panel.
  • Is Handprint hardwood plywood the same as Baltic Birch plywood?
    In short, no. Baltic Birch is a specialty plywood originally created for cabinet makers. It’s plies are thicker and all made from 100% birch. Birch plywood has thinner plies which are different species- anything from pine to poplar. We find Birch plywood offers the same great look and benefits as Baltic Birch, but can be more cost effective for a maker’s budget.
  • How many plies are in each thickness of plywood?
    In general, the more plies, the stronger the panel. So while the precise number of plies varies depending on the tree, typically, ¼” plywood has 3-5 plies, ½” has 5-7, and ¾” has 7-9.

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